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    Ground Source Heating at Lime Grove

    All the new homes at Lime Grove, Gloucester are heated with ground source heat pumps. For homeowners, that means lower heating bills, easier maintenance, no more gas boiler servicing and a heating system that’s better for the environment.

    Heating and cooling your home account for more than half the energy used in a typical household, making heating the largest domestic expense and greenhouse gas emitter.

    This is why we have opted to use Ground Source Heat Pumps at Lime Grove. Ground Source Heat Pumps use the natural temperature of the Earth to heat and cool your home, making them a very sustainable option.

    Here’s exactly how they work:

    A number of boreholes are drilled around the development and an underground pipe system containing a refrigerant is installed. This is called a ground loop.

    In the summer, heat from the house is transferred to the ground via the ground loop. Before going into the ground loop, the refrigerant is compressed by a ground source heat pump. This heats it up. It’s then passed through the ground loop which cools the refrigerant down.

    It’s the same way that the back of a fridge warms up when it’s cool inside. Just a transfer of heat from one place to another.

    This refrigerant then returns to your home and passes through the ground source heat pump which expands the refrigerant again, amplifying the cooling effect. This then cools your house. This is exactly how a fridge or freezer cools what’s stored in it.

    In the winter, the system runs in reverse. Cold refrigerant passes through the ground loop and is heated by the Earth, providing heating and hot water for your house…


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