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    We take a rigorous approach to risk management on our projects in order to protect our investors’ capital. Our design-led approach enables us to enhance investors’ returns while reducing risk by creating higher margins. We’ve raised over £8m in equity for our current projects with around £19m of further equity in the pipeline for new projects we’re currently working on.


    Registering as a MELT Property Investor gives you exclusive access to our upcoming investment offers. The group is for investors looking to invest in equity or debt investment opportunities. If you are interested in securing exclusive access to future investment offers in our upcoming projects then please register your interest.




    Since November 2017, we have crowdfunded over £2m from investors for our property development projects. We receive a high level of interest from investors with the offer on our Cinderford project filling in 18 hours and being over ten times oversubscribed.

    On the 22nd of October 2018, we launched an investment offer on Lime Grove, our development in Tuffley, Gloucester. We held a launch party at M Club Victoria. Over £600K was invested on the first day. We hit £837K within a week of launch and closed the offer on the 11th of November with the full £1.13m raised from 45 investors.  The offer was oversubscribed – a further £600K that we could not accommodate came in after the deal had closed.

    At 4 pm on 7th July 2018, we launched an investment offer on 21-23 Market St, our development in Cinderford, Gloucestershire. It went like a rocket! By 10 am on Wednesday morning, we had over £300,000 of funds committed.  When the offer closed, we had interest from investors with over £1.5m in funds.


    Development for this sector is something that – structured correctly – can deliver deals, which tick the box for everyone involved – the developer, investor, and the end-user.

    An Aparthotel is a blend of a traditional hotel and an apartment. Think serviced apartments at scale. The target market is largely the corporate crowd who travel for business, but it also appeals to guests travelling for leisure as well.

    The growth in this sector is what makes this strategy hot. There are a number of operators who are growing quickly and can offer strong covenants to developers. One model is to lower overheads by stripping out space-consuming facilities such as gyms and restaurants.

    The demand is strong, so occupancy is high and investors like the model. A strong market for tourism in London, as an example, and an offer that doesn’t directly compete with traditional hotels means consistent demand.

    A lease to the right aparthotel operator can be entirely forward funded. Essentially this is an early sale to a pension fund or other large investor and then a contract for the developer to deliver the project to completion on behalf of the buyer.

    Funds are hungry for investments of this type. Forward funding or backing an operator directly are ways in which they can secure a pipeline of deals at an early stage. From a developer’s perspective, this delivers a level of certainty that simply is not available with residential deals.


    MELT Property explained the whole investment process from start to finish. It was easy and straightforward to invest in this project. I looked at their previous projects and knew that my investment was in safe hands and was. I’m also happy with their clear and consistent communication throughout the project. 

    Michele P

    Personal Development Coach


    Investor Disclosure Notice

    Please note that property investments involve risks including loss of capital, illiquidity, default of a borrower, and lack of returns. The risks involved vary by project type, so please make sure you have read and understood the specific risks associated with an investment. Projections or estimated returns are not a reliable indicator of actual future performance and eventual returns or dividends may be lower than predicted. Information presented on this website is for guidance purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. If you are unsure of the suitability of property investments for you, please contact your financial advisor for professional advice.